Types of Kitchen Layout

Modular kitchen configurations that seamlessly blend practical needs with personal taste.
Straight Kitchen
Straight Kitchen

A straight kitchen is a streamlined design where all the kitchen components are arranged along a single wall. This layout is ideal for narrow spaces, optimizing efficiency by creating a straightforward workflow.

L-shaped Kitchen
L-shaped Kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen configuration features countertops and appliances along two adjacent walls, forming an L shape. This design maximizes corner space, providing ample room for storage and efficient workflow.

Parallel Kitchen
Parallel Kitchen

A parallel kitchen, also known as a galley kitchen, features two parallel countertops and workspaces along opposite walls. This design optimizes efficiency and workflow, making it suitable for narrow or smaller spaces.

U-shaped Kitchen
U-shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is characterized by cabinets and appliances along three walls, forming a U configuration. This design maximizes storage and counter space, providing a functional and versatile layout for cooking and meal preparation.

Island Kitchen
Island Kitchen

An island kitchen incorporates a freestanding countertop or workspace in the center of the kitchen area. This design enhances functionality, providing extra prep space, storage, and a focal point for socializing.

Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen

An open kitchen design integrates the kitchen space with the adjoining living or dining areas, creating a seamless and sociable layout. This concept promotes a sense of connectivity, allowing for easy interaction between those cooking.


Kitchen Design Themes

Design your kitchen with inspiring themes that match your home’s aesthetic, whether modern, contemporary, or traditional.

Comparison Between Modular, Semi-Modular and Custom



Full Modular

Modular kitchens are assembled in factories in the form of multiple units that assimilate aesthetics and functionality.

Semi Modular

Semi-modular kitchens comprise existing civil work constructions along with modular units.

Custom Carpentry

Civil kitchens are constructed by carpenters with elementary technology and design.



Sleek and seamless look with premium quality.

Finish and quality are a concern since they depend on the vendors and carpenters.

The aesthetic quality depends on the workmanship of the carpenter.


Ease of Design

Designed by experts with the latest technology and 3D visuals, these kitchens ensure utility and are personalised per the user’s style.

It provides a limited scope of customisation and precise detailing.

Constraints on tailor-made design and planning with 2D visuals.



The pre-fabricated modular units can be assembled and dismantled easily.

The fixed cabinets in these kitchens cannot be disassembled.

Due to the fixed components, the assembling and dismantling are arduous.


Space Optimisation

Standard Modular units provide designated space for customised storage solutions, enhancing ergonomics and functionality.

Unlike fully-modular kitchens, space utilisations could be questionable because of the existing platforms.

Constructed with no standard modules, space constraints and simple storage solutions.



10-year warranty and convenient replacements of components

No guarantee and replacements possible

No guarantee and replacements possible


Cost Value

Designed according to the budget with marginal cost difference

Comparatively cheaper than full-modular kitchens

The cost may vary to the original estimate.



Detachable modular units are easy to clean and maintain.

Cleaning and maintenance of the existing structures is slightly tough.

The fixed cabinets and shelves make deep cleaning around the edges and corners a hassle.


Time Duration

Factory-made modular units ensure timely delivery and hassle-free execution.

The modular fittings take longer than usual, depending on the efficiency of the carpenters.

The components fabricated on site make it a time-consuming and arduous task.

Core Material Used in Modular Kitchen

Design your kitchen with inspiring themes that match your home’s aesthetic, whether modern, contemporary, or traditional.
MR Plywood
MR Plywood

Moisture-resistant plywood is strong, dense, and fold-resistant, making it ideal for enhancing interiors.

BWP Plywood
BWP Plywood

BWP plywood is the best material for wardrobes due to its high water resistance, durability, flexibility, and strength to withstand different weather conditions.

BWR Plywood
BWR Plywood

BWR Plywood, made with phenolic resins, is waterproof and eco-friendly. It’s commonly used in home and office furnishing due to its cost-effectiveness, pest resistance, and durability.

HDHMR plywood

HDHMR plywood is a water-resistant wardrobe material made with a uniform construction process that increases durability and affordability.

Modular Kitchen Material Comparison



Partical Board

Particle board is formed from compressed wood chips, sawdust particles and resins together.


Medium-Density-Fibreboard fabricated from wood fibres and resins.


The engineered material is made of thin layers of wood veneer glued together.


HDHMR is uniquely crafted using the latest technology by compressing wood fibres and forest wood waste under high pressure.



Low-quality and appearance

Smooth finish

Solid wood appearance and attractive look

Boasts smooth and glossy finish



Fragile and cannot withstan heavy loads

Highly durable

Enduring and sturdy than MDF and Particleboard

Highly dense and more resilient than any other material



Cheapest among all.

More economical than plywood and HDF

Expensive yet valuable.

Expensive yet versatile and durable



Exposed to moisture damage

Less susceptible to damages

More resistance to moisture damage and scratches

High-moisture resistance, effectively used for kitchen interiors.



Suitable for readymade furniture

Easy to cut in varied designs and styles

Rigid in Design

Hard-wearing and difficult-to-craft complex shapes

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