Payment terms for INCO Projects:

In a project, there can be different kinds of orders depending on the type of work involved, like modular work, on-site services, and store products. Each order may have different payment terms.

A project involves planning the design for a single home. You can make several orders for one project (for example, one order for modular products and another for services like civil work). Payments are handled separately for each order. HollaHomes will only execute orders with a minimum value of INR 2 lakhs or more.

After booking the project, you have a 72-hour free look window to decide if you want to cancel it. If you choose to cancel after this period, no refunds will be provided.

The 10% booking fee you pay is applied to your future orders. If the scope of your project significantly expands, you will need to make a 10% payment for the new scope before the design process can start.

We use Execution stages to see how your order is progressing. When an important task is finished in each stage, you need to make a payment for that part of the order. HollaHomes can continue with the rest of the order only after you’ve paid for that stage. The table below shows the stages for different types of orders.

The provided quote is an estimate and is created according to your current needs. Since the quote depends on the design, product, materials, colors, and services you choose, it may change. Please talk to your designer to learn how they can adapt to your budget.

If there are changes to the project scope or value during the execution stage, any free gift(s) or discounts offered at the time of sale will no longer be applicable.

Quote Validity

The initial quotes provided at the 10% stage are valid for 60 days, and the price may change if the project does not proceed to execution.

Please be aware that the prices mentioned in this proposal are only valid for 21 days. If the booking is made after this period, prices may differ. Any changes to the proposal, such as modifications to the scope or requirements, could result in a change in price. These prices are specific to this project.

Delivery Time

Your order will be delivered by or before the guaranteed delivery date, unless changes are made to the order or scope of work after confirmation or due to circumstances beyond HollaHomes’ control, such as force majeure events or changes in applicable law.

Order Placement Stage

During this stage, orders for HollaHomes furniture and decor items are made, and furniture and decor items from the marketplace are sent to the warehouse for onsite delivery preparation. Civil work and the production of custom furniture will commence according to the specified execution stages. It’s important to note that all activities related to an order will start only after the processing of the 50% payment.


HollaHomes will generate invoices for the design service, products, and other services. Invoices for all branded products will be issued by the authorized sellers/distributors of those products. If you have any questions, please contact our HollaHomes representative.

Financial Services:

HollaHomes solely facilitates financial loans and services, and the approval, processing, and terms are subject to the sole discretion of the financial entity.

Cancellations & Return:

During the design stage, you can replace or remove any product from the tentative Bill of Quantities (BoQ) while discussing designs with our team, before placing an order. Once an order is placed, HollaHomes cannot cancel, replace, or modify items since each item is made to order.

Products with non-manufacturing defects and damages after delivery are not eligible for returns or replacements.

The returns policy does not apply to services, customized products, and made-to-order furniture pieces.

Quality Promise:

The HollaHomes Quality Promise guarantees an exceptional home design experience. Through rigorous quality checks at every stage, we guarantee that all our products are free from material and manufacturing defects. Furniture, decor products, and accessories from the marketplace, sold through, are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period.