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Open Kitchen

These kitchens are exquisitely designed to lend ease and convenience to your cooking experience.

About HollaHomes Kitchen

HollaHomes is your ultimate destination for cutting-edge modular kitchen designs. We effortlessly blend our expertise with your imagination and curate the best modular kitchen designs that are not just high on functionality but also an unrivaled style statement for your spaces. We believe that the heart of your home deserves a blend of new techniques and functionality.

Whether you’re looking to optimize a small space or transform a larger kitchen into a culinary haven, our modular kitchen interior design services in Navi Mumbai are designed to meet your specific lifestyle and preferences. We prioritize quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our goal is to create modular kitchens that not only reflect your personal style but also make daily tasks a breeze. With our services, your kitchen becomes a showcase of modern living, where each element is thoughtfully created for both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. You can explore the wide range of services comprises of L-shaped, U-shaped, open kitchen, straight modular kitchen, parallel modular kitchen, and island kitchen design. These modular kitchens furniture are designed according to the customer’s choices and can be customized as per the requirements.

We make use of high-quality material for creating sleek styles of kitchens that blend smoothly and become the style statement in your comfort zone. Along with this, HollaHomes provides a 10-year warranty, 2 years of free maintenance, myriad design colors and finishes, a hassle-free process, on-time delivery, and a reasonable cost that fits in your budget. Experience the transformative power of our modular kitchen interior design services in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, and Thane cities, where every corner is evidence of innovation and personalized luxury.

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Hobs, chimneys, sinks, taps, counter tops and more. We are your one stop shop for all things kitchen.

Modular kitchen design
1. Base Unit
Drawer Base Cabinets, Corner Base Units, Sink Base Cabinets, Oven Base Cabinets, Dishwasher Base Cabinets, Cupboard Base Cabinets
2. Wall Units
A well-designed wall unit is more than just storage; it’s an integral part of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing modular kitchen. From open shelving to concealed cabinets, these units offer a myriad of options to enhance organization and style in your culinary space.
3. Tall Units
Tall units in a modular kitchen are a game-changer, providing not only extensive storage solutions but also contributing to the overall sophistication of the kitchen space. Whether it’s a full-height pantry, an integrated appliance tower, or a dedicated bar unit, these tall elements elevate the kitchen’s functionality and design, turning it into a stylish and organized culinary haven.
4. Microwave Oven
Strategically placing your microwave oven in the modular kitchen is not only about practicality but also about enhancing the overall look and feel of the space. Consider your cooking habits, kitchen layout, and design preferences to find the perfect spot that seamlessly integrates this essential appliance into your culinary haven.
5. Chimney
Wall-Mounted Chimneys, Island Chimneys, Built-in Chimneys, Ducted Chimneys, Ductless Chimneys, Baffle Filters, Carbon Filters, Touch Control Operation, Push Button Operation, Noise Level Considerations.
6. Hob
Gas Hobs, Electric Hobs, Induction Hobs, Ceramic Hobs, Gas on Glass Hobs, Downdraft Hobs, Smart Hobs
7. Sink
Single Bowl Sink, Double Bowl Sink, Undermount Sink, Top-mount (Drop-in) Sink, Farmhouse (Apron Front) Sink, Composite Sink, Stainless Steel Sink, Cast Iron Sink, Corner Sink
8. Faucets
Single-Handle Faucets, Pull-Down Faucets, Touchless or Motion-Activated Faucets, Two-Handle Faucets, Filtered Water Faucets, Bridge Faucets, Smart Faucets
9. Shutters
Laminate Shutters, Acrylic Shutters, Glass Shutters, Wooden Shutters, Aluminum Frame Glass Shutters, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Shutters
10. Loft
Integrated Lighting Lofts, Floating Shelf Lofts, Lift-Up Door Lofts, Glass-Fronted Lofts, Closed Cabinetry Lofts, Open Shelving Lofts

Get an Instant Estimate with Our Innovative Estimate Calculator Right Away!

A few steps may help you to assess the best full interior design price in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. Discover the ease of planning your dream modular kitchen with our Instant Estimate Calculator! Get a quick and accurate cost estimate for your project without waiting. Simply input your preferences and let our innovative tool provide you with instant pricing. Designing your ideal kitchen has never been this efficient. Try our estimate calculator now and take the first step towards the modular kitchen you’ve always planned! Visit HollaHomes a leading modular interior design firm in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, and Thane to consult with the expert.

All We Need is 15 Days

At HollaHomes, You can experience the speed of transformation for your Modular Kitchen in just 15 Days! We craft a stunning modular kitchen that suits your style at affordable prices. Our efficient design process ensures a quick turnaround without compromising quality. You can confidently plan your housewarming with the HollaHomes Move-in Guarantee.

Elevate your kitchen experience in no time – let’s start the 15-day journey to your dream space!

All We Need is 15 Days

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12 months – 60 months

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Please speak to an authorised HollaHomes representative to understand existing EMI schemes Holla Homes doesn’t offer any assurance for loan approvals. These are based on the sole discretion of your credit score and other regulations set by these financial companies | Your loan will be processed at the 50% payment stage if you fall under the eligibility criteria.

HollaHomes Modular Kitchen Cabinets vs Carpenter Made Kitchen

3D Layout Design Options

Carpenter Made
HollaHomes Modular Kitchen

Customized Storage Option

Excellent Edge-Free Finish

Factory Manufactured

Maintenance and Service


FAQs About Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are pre-assembled kitchens that come in different components and can be easily configured to meet your space and style needs.

  • The best modular kitchen designs are L-shaped and parallel kitchens.
  • One of the most popular designs for kitchens is the L-shaped kitchen. This layout provides a simple and effective workstation. It permits the installation of cupboards and appliances along right-angled walls with a center opening. This makes it a fantastic option if you want to add an island to a small kitchen or open-concept area.
  • Parallel (Galley) layouts perform effectively in compact spaces since they require only one to two metres between each side and provide enough of storage.

The storage options for the kitchen are varied. But the most crucial ones are upper and lower kitchen cabinets, open and closed kitchen racks, tall appliance units, condiment pantry units, cutlery trays, pull-out shelves, wicker baskets for vegetables, plate racks, and kitchen corner shelves.

Based on their design, kitchens can be divided into four categories: U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel, and straight. Adding an island or terrace to your kitchen is another option if you want more countertop space.

A parallel kitchen setup would be ideal for a compact modular kitchen. L-shaped kitchen can be manageable depending on the structure of your kitchen area.

A normal-sized kitchen for average Indian homes would be somewhere between 300 sq. ft. to 350 sq. ft.

The most effective plan of action is to select a combination of materials for kitchen cabinets since doing so ensures that you receive a long-lasting design with the best value possible while staying within your budget.

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