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Panvel, Navi Mumbai

A Guide to Timeless Interior Design at PANVEL, NAVI MUMBAI

Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of interior design. Choosing eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and incorporating sustainable practices contribute to creating environmentally conscious and responsible designs.

Parisian & Vintage Theme Designs

Parisians and vintage-themed interior design are added to create a romantic and peaceful ambiance that pays tribute to the timeless elegance of the City of Light. Inspired by the chic and eclectic tastes of Parisian residents, the vintage theme seamlessly weaves together elements from different eras, infusing spaces with a sense of history and character. Antique furnishings, ornate mirrors, and classic fabrics evoke the charm of Parisian theme with accessories that add a touch of authenticity. This design narrative not only summarizes the enduring allure of vintage aesthetics but also reflects the sophisticated, effortless style for which Parisians are renowned. The result is an interior that exceeds trends, celebrating the enduring beauty of bygone eras with a distinct Parisian flair.

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Check out the in-depth video showcasing the interior design of our happy client!

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Mr. Sameer Mulla
“We consider ourselves very fortunate to work with Holla Homes. They understand our requirements, taste, and nature of our family and likings and accordingly design the look and feel of your dream home. We trusted him 100% and gave them all the creative freedom. The result is an awesome final product, and we are very happy and satisfied with our new home. They even provide complete maintenance support after work is completed on a single call.