Top Modern Residential Interior Design Homes by HollaHomes In A City Near You!

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HollaHomes is committed to providing personalized home interiors that fit your budget and needs!
In many ways, the years 2020 and 2021 were difficult for all of us. Despite the challenges, we at Hollahomes were committed to make our clients happy. We planned and produced homes in many cities, bringing our customers’ aspirations to life. Choosing the best designed home is difficult because each project is important to us and we can never favor one over the other. However, here are some interior design homes that were meticulously built by our skilled designers. So, get ready to follow some of our valued customers on their home interior design adventure.

Hegde Family 2BHK Modern residential interior designed As per Vastu:

The Hegde family desired a classic design for their two-bedroom home while maintaining modern conveniences. They were quite selective about the materials and colour combinations they used to brighten their environment. Our skilled designer chose a different colour palette for each room, taking into account the needs of each family member. The entire house is decorated in black, grey, golden, and neutral wooden tones.

The entrance of a house is designed by the bookmark tiles with a welcome Namaste statue. We completed the design with a handcrafted black marble Gautam Buddha statue in the foyer. This inspires the home with wonderful energy and abundance. Every room in the house is planned to maximize available space. The living room’s beauty is enhanced by the use of marble and woodwork. This was the best residential interiors designed by experts that suited our client’s budget.

Milind and Kalpana Shilke 2BHK Home Interiors designed with Smart Solutions

Milind wanted a home that offered positive vibes and looked sophisticated. They searched for a number of Interior Design Companies and found Hollahomes Interiors in Navi Mumbai. They have asked the designer to add modern residential interior design to their 2-bedroom apartment. Therefore, HollaHomes experts help them visualize their dream home with 2D and 3D designs.
They were searching for a solution that maximized space while remaining elegant. Our professional and devoted designers work hard to create outstanding interiors that not only meet all of our clients’ needs but also fit their style and personality. Watch this video to hear a customer’s thoughts on the HollaHomes renovation! To fulfill our clients’ needs, our designers make sure to include enough storage space.

Madhur and SurekhaPurbhe 3bhk flat designed with innovations:

Madhur and his family live in an exquisite home with an element of modernity. Their home is an excellent example of blending traditional furnishings and decor with modern design ideas. The rich textures and artistic paintings add a royal Mumbai touch, while the modular furniture solutions improve the functionality of the home. Every design element was carefully chosen to represent the millennial family’s enthusiasm for periodic-style themes without appearing cluttered or heavy on the eye.
He wants luxury residential interior design that is well-lit without compromising modern amenities and spacious living. As a result, our designers chose neutral hues, an elegant design style, and a modular kitchen with handle-less cabinet. The false ceiling has intricate wooden work and cover lights to light up the space beautifully. While the L-shaped sofa, wall-mounted TV unit, and bar unit bring in a luxurious vibe and save a lot of space. The muted colour palette and plentiful lighting options make the rooms appear spacious and bright, just as the customers desired. We have used modern technology for the kitchen that accentuates its beauty with innovation

Hollahomes is one of the leading residential and commercial interior design companies based in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. It is an award-winning interior design firm that offers comprehensive and tailor-made designs to their clients. With the help of a dedicated team and other working professionals we are honored to serve our prestigious clients with interior design services that last long for the years.

Best Interior Design Company in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai.

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